Maria Elvira may represent the Cuban dictatorship’s interest but certainly not America’s best interest.

  1. She has voted 38% of the time with Biden’s plan to destroy America;
  2. She voted for the January 6th Commission;
  3. She voted for legislation with a gun confiscation provision (HR. 8);
  4. She voted to remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from the Education and Transportation Committees;
  5. She voted for a national vaccination database to control and discriminate against those unvaccinated citizens (HR 550);
  6. She endorsed her communist ex-husband, Arturo Cruz Sequeira to become Daniel Ortega’s puppet in Nicaragua;
  7. She lied to Cubans offering free internet services knowing this was impossible;
  8. She deceived Latinos by presenting a path to citizenship knowing that it would not be obtainable;
  9. She promoted the war in Ukraine while refusing to send troops to our southern border to secure our borders;
  10. She lied to those waiting for Family Reunification.

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