María Elvira Salazar is a Trump Hater and a Republican in Name Only (RINO).

We need people in Congress who will facilitate the implementation of an America First agenda to fight corruption, high gas prices, inflation, and foreign infiltration. We do not need a candidate, such as Maria Elvira, who will make sure to obstruct the so-needed implementation of an America First Agenda. In this video, Maria Elvira Salazar is heard defending Jeb Bush’s candidacy and attacking President TRUMP, calling him a Monster.

You can also see Maria Elvira who, when asked if she supports President Trump, evades the question by saying that she supports District 27. The record of Maria Elvira shows her predisposition to help democrats with their globalist agenda which includes taking our country into war with Russia, imposing gun-control/confiscation laws, getting our country into war with Russia, and implementing a socialist dictatorship.

No wonder Democrats constantly run ads pretending to attack Maria Elvira. Those ads are designed to mislead the Miami voters into thinking that Maria Elvira is a Trump Supporter. By doing this they ensure that the District 27 seat stays in the hands of one of their allies who constantly votes with the Democrats.

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