RINO Salazar Voted For The January 6th Commission Betraying President Trump, and The America First Movement.

RINO Salazar Betrayed TRUMP.

Maria Elvira’s term in office has been characterized for denying everything and when something goes against her, then she characterizes everything as “taken out of context.” She, all the time, avoids responsibility for her own acts and spends enormous amount of time with her friends in the Fake News of Miami, doing damage control.

After betraying President TRUMP, and the America First movement, Maria Elvira appears in a Spanish video trying to mislead the Hispanic voters in her district to believe that her vote was not against President Trump and that it was not a witch hunt on President Trump.

Even when we know that Maria Elvira will deny everything, it is clear that she betrayed President Trump. We are convinced that Democrats will run advertising to help her saying she is pro-trump as they previously did to secure her seat. However, her voting record does not allow her to keep lying as she has always done.

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