Involvement of Maria Elvira in the Extortion of Laura Bozzo.

Interestingly, the life of María Elvira Salazar always seems to be linked to figures from the Cuban, Nicaraguan, Venezuelan, and Peruvian intelligence services. Strangely, María always had special access to high-ranking members of the Cuban communist leadership, such as Roberto Robaina, Ricardo Alarcón de Quesada, and Fidel Castro himself. Her life has also been linked with personal friends of Fidel Castro, such as Max Lesnik, Edmundo Garcia, and Eloy Gutiérrez Menoyo.

On the other hand, her ex-husband, Arturo Cruz Sequeira, was allegedly a Cuban and Nicaraguan intelligence operative during the Iran-Contra scandal, who is said to have had a romantic relationship with Oliver North’s secretary to obtain information in favor of the Nicaraguan dictatorship, and was also an ambassador for the communist Sandinista, Daniel Ortega, in Washington DC.

Of course, like everything in Maria Elvira’s life, she denies her ex-husband was communist and says that he worked for Daniel Ortega precisely because of his good relations with the Bushes. However, the official digital newspaper “The Voice of the Sandinism” recognizes Arturo Cruz Jr. and his father Arturo Cruz Sr. as communist Sandinistas. The newspaper was taken down after we published an article showing that Maria Elvira was lying about her and her husband’s relation to the Nicaraguan Dictatorship; however, he had already taken screenshots of the article.

Vladimiro Lenin Ilich Montesinos Torres was the head of Peru’s intelligence services under President Alberto Fujimori, and was found guilty of the disappearance of two students and a professor from the National University of Callao in 1993. Montesino appears to have been too involved with María Elvira, to the point, according to Laura Bozzo herself, of serving as a vehicle for Montesinos’ extortion to Laura Bozzo or at least as an emissary for Montesinos after Montesino was arrested.

Laura Bozzo accused RINO Salazar of extorting her on behalf of convicted murderer Vladimiro Montesinos and presented the audio contained in the video above to the Peruvian authorities.

Although Salazar denies, like everything bad that she does, that she had extorted Laura Bozzo, she admitted that she transmitted to Laura a request for help, from Montesinos, to pay her lawyers. It is clear that, at least, this communication was a disgusting act of serving as a messenger for a convicted felon.

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