Could Maria Elvira Salazar be the Next Ana Belen Montes?

The producers of the James Bond movies, and even Agatha Christie, wished they had thought about a story as similar as this of Maria Elvira’s life, but, of course, more carefully planned.

After carefully analyzing the facts behind Maria Elvira Salazar’s history, it is my opinion, that Maria Elvira has ties with the Cuban dictatorship are comparable only to those who work for a foreign government. I would even say that there is no question about the fact that the number of ties of Maria Elvira to the Cuban Dictatorship greatly exceed those found in the Ana Belén Montes case. There are many things that link Maria Elvira Salazar to the Cuban Dictatorship. Among them, are (1) 59 trips to Cuba for personal reasons without having a family member in Cuba, (2) privileges of exclusive interview with Fidel Castro not given to any other reporter ever, (3) support from newly arrived Cuban influencers who may be working for the Cuban intelligence services, (4) her fascination with Ernesto Che Guevara, Barack Hussein Obama II, and Fidel Castro, (5) the support she receives from the official newspaper in Cuba which busters her credibility in the exile community, (6) her relationship with high-rank Cuban officials, and more importantly, (7) her ex-husband.

Trips To Cuba

For years, I have heard comments in South Florida which indicate that, after interviewing Castro in Washington, Maria Elvira Salazar went to Cuban more than seventeen times to meet up with Fidel Castro, General José Abrahantes Fernández (Minister of the Interior, and institution that housed the Cuban intelligence, and counterintelligence) and other members of the Cuban Dictatorship. Nevertheless, Maria admits only four entries to Cuba. It is not clear why she lied when she denied entering Cuba more than once in a Hispanic TV Show (“El Espejo” with Juan Manuel Cao), then after Juan Manuel pressured her, she admitted another three visits.

(Update) In a 26-minute interview, announcer Roberto Rodríguez Tejera reveals details about María El #RINOSalazar’s more than 59 personal trips to Cuba, and the special request that María El #RINOSalazar made to Edmundo García, a well known Cuban Revolution’s supporter.

Audio Reveals Salazar Traveled to Communist Cuba More than 59 Times With The Intento of Dealing With the Cuban Dictatorship and for Other Personal Reasons no Related to Journalist Work.

The Famous Interview to the Murderer Fidel Castro

The press has also, sometimes, questioned how Maria Elvira Salazar obtained her interview with Fidel Castro where she repeatedly calls Castro Commandant in a sign of respect and admiration. It is unclear how exactly she obtained her interview, but after analyzing recent developments, it is possible that this interview had been facilitated, in part, by Maria Elvira’s ex-husband, whom we will talk about later.

Moreover, she has publicly admitted that she has a friendship/relation with Ricardo Alarcón de QuesadaRoberto RobainaEloy Gutiérrez Menoyo, and Max Lesnik. The first two high-ranking officials of the Cuban Government, Menoyo was a personal friend of Fidel Castro and an advocate for the end of the Embargo. Lastly, Max Lesnik is the most controversial of them all. Max Lesnik is the president of The Martian Alliance (“La Alianza Martiana”), a group of openly pro-Castro’s regime individuals which objective has always being to confront the Cuban exile community. Moreover, she has also admitted to having some kind of friendship with David Rockefeller (known as the mastermind behind the “New World Order“).

Support of Newly Arrived Cuban Influencers

This is the question of: who came first to exist, the egg or the chicken? However, the question here is another, it’s: Who came first, the exile anti-communists or the infiltrated communists? That is a question that certainly no many people can answer in Miami. However, something seems to be clear to many people residing in Miami and that is that the Cuban intelligence operates in Miami with no restrain whatsoever from our government.

This is the case of many influencers that arrived from the island in the last 20 years (See my article about family reunification). Even when many of them seem to be anticommunists according to their speech, they do respond to the best interest of the regime when the regime asks them to. For example, when the Cuban dictatorship needed to consolidate the fraudulent change of constitution, those influencers made a massive call for exiled families in the U.S. and around the world, to call their family members to go out and vote NO (#YoVotoNo Twitter campaign, which they have already removed most of it after I made this public). The Cuban government desperately needed Cubans to come out and vote, even if it was against approving the constitution. The government had the ability to manipulate the votes behind closed doors, but they needed the people to come out and vote to consolidate the fraud. Like in the #YoVotoNo campaign, the Cuban dictatorship uses their influencers to manipulate and influence the outcome of our local and Federal elections in the United States. 

Newspaper at the Service of the Cuban Dictatorship?

Moreover, as I explained in previous article, the Cuban dictatorship even uses their own national official newspaper to promote those politicians and figures they want the Cuban community to trust, and their newspaper located abroad to destroy those they want out of the political arena.

For example, the spaniard news outlet EFE made a manipulated article about my 2020 campaign. Within minutes, many Cuban newspapers located all over the world disseminated their own manipulated version of the article. One of them, “Periodico Cubano” published the article seemly with the intent of manipulating my agenda and destroying my political career.

The article reads in part: “Amnesty to the top of the Cuban government and the restoration of the ‘Dry feet / Wet feet’ policy are part of the proposals of Frank Polo, a Cuban who arrived in the United States on a raft and is now seeking a seat in Congress as a representative of Florida.”

Of course, that was a total misrepresentation of my proposal to address the risk to our national security represented by the infiltration of our institution by the Cuban intelligence services. My proposal can still be found in my webpage.

Periodico Cubano is Not Alone.

EFE and Periodico Cubano clearly manipulated my agenda and never apologized or corrected the article. They intentionally left out my plan to ask congress to declare Cuba a threat to national security and then demand the exit of the Cuban dictators from the island with a sort (15-20 Days) temporary (until they leave the island) amnesty. However, it appears that Periodico Cubano is not alone, and it is more like a tiny part of the huge red of digital newspapers they have to do their dirty work. A similar article was published by “Diario Libre,” apparently another of the newspaper that the Cuban dictatorship has to destroy those who are not convenient to them. Of course, Maria Elvira is always in the Cuban official newspaper depicted as the great enemy of the state. Position that greatly enhances her image in front of the Cuban community.

The Wasp Network and Maria Elvira Salazar

Maria Elvira was always a fervent and passionate advocate for the five Cuban spies’ right to have a billboard on private property in Miami. According to her, they had a constitutional right that had to be protected but this was not true. The pro-castro group, lead by Maria Elvira’s friend Max Lesnik, hired the billboard on private property and there was not government action involved in removing the sign, which would had represented a violation of their First Amendment Right. However, Maria Elvira, without any regards for the offensive nature of the billboard, defended the right of those communists to have a billboard in the heart of the Cuban exile community. Additionally, when she had a chance, she was always using her platform to attack the exile community.

The Wasp Network is just a small part of the infiltration problem we have in the U.S. which must be addressed. Unfortunately, with Maria Elvira Salazar in congress, I don’t believe we will stop the Cuban infiltration in Miami and others cities around the country.

Is This the Maria Elvira Salazar we See in the Campaign Trail or in The News?

Of course no, this is not the same Maria Elvira you see verbally advocating for a change of regime in Cuba, but doing nothing productive to accomplish it. It was not until before running for congress that Maria Elvira changed her speech and party affiliation because she needed the Cuban vote. Maria Elvira, throughout her career, has contradicted herself a lot. Now, she claims that the movie about the Cuban spies is despicable; nonetheless, as I mentioned, she advocated for the spies to have a giant billboard asking for their freedom in the heart of the Cuban exile community. Maria Elvira’s list of discordancies continues on and on.

Let’s remember also when Maria Elvira was extremely proud and honored to have the DNA of Che Guevara next to her and said “No doubt that it is an Honor and a Privilege for us to have the DNA of Che Guevara near us.”

Maria Elvira’s past explains why she voted against Marjorie Taylor Greene when the democrats removed Marjorie from the Education and Transportation committees. Moreover, the fact that the Miami GOP supports her candidacy over this of other qualified individuals, talks also much about the possible influence of the Cuban dictatorship over our Miami GOP’s leadership. Moreover, this will also explain why Maria Elvira, in her first year in Congress voted for Gun confiscation and to limit access to guns through more restrictive background checks. Moreover, it also explains why she is not interested in resolving the Cuban Family Reunification problem, but continues to propose legislation that incentivize illegal immigration and open borders.

Talking About Her Ex-Husband

Maria Elvira openly supported her ex-husband run for the Nicaraguan presidency. But, who is this ex husband who Maria Elvira had never talked about until a few months ago? Why is it that she has never talked about this other husband, who is not the Italian with whom she had two children, Renzo Maietto, neither is he the current boyfriend?

The answer to these questions is easy. There was something in the past of her ex-husband that Maria Elvira Salazar doesn’t want you to know.

(Update) After we published this article for the first time, the Nicaraguan Regime allegedly jailed Maria Elvira’s Ex-husband, which in our opinion is a strategic move to clear Maria Elvira’s image and discredit this article.

Maria Elvira’s Past that Comes to the Present.

His name is Arturo Cruz Sequeira. According to an article in Spanish, which is around the internet, Maria Elvira’s ex-husband was a member of the FSLN (Sandinista National Liberation Front). Enraged members of the Nicaraguan community and multiple posts on Twitter confirmed the previous statement.

Members of the Nicaraguan Community Express their Most Repulsive Sentiments about Maria Elvira’s Support to Cruz.

What is the FSLN or Sandinista National Liberation Front?

The FSLN is the communist group represented by Daniel Ortega. This group is responsible for the death of thousands of Nicaraguans. Moreover, they have always cooperated with Cuba and Venezuela to promote communism in the region.

The FSLN is responsible for the Red Christmas operation (Navidad Roja in Spanish). In this operation there were torture, disappearances, and dozens of civilians murdered. They are also responsible for thousands of disappearances, torture of young students, Political persecution, sexual abuse, and execution of people in the custody of the FSLN among other crimes.

But, Who Really is Maria Elvira’s Ex-Husband, Arturo Cruz Sequeira?

It is said that Arturo Cruz Sequeira was trained in Cuba by Manuel Piñeiro Losada, better known as “Red Beard”. Red Beard names Arturo as “one of the brightest promises of the Nicaraguan revolution.” Also, in a book written by Franklin Sequeira Argeñal, “The Foundations of Tyranny,” the author describes Arturo Cruz as follows:

“Arturo Cruz Sequeira, the INCAE academic, is mentioned as an agent of Section V, in the Department of the DRI. It is said that he betrayed State Security and fled to the United States of America, where he joined the Nicaraguan Resistance. He was the boyfriend of Fawn Hall, the Secretary of Colonel Oliver North, investigated by the United States Congress, for the Iran-Contra Case.”

“He is considered a mole, trained by the German Stasi to approach Fawn Hall, for espionage purposes. “

“Arturo Cruz Sequeira was never considered a traitor to the country, and, on the contrary, after he returned to Nicaragua, he always had a very good relationship with the FSLN leaders, particularly with those of the Sandinista army. Daniel Ortega appointed him Ambassador of Nicaragua in Washington, where he lobbied in favor of the Sandinismo in power.”

Franklin Sequeira Argeñal, “The Foundations of Tyranny.”

As you can see, María Elvira’s ex-husband had a life closely linked to those communist groups that have spread throughout Latin America and, apparently, he was always an instrument to recruit agents in favor of Castro-communism, and he was trained by the German Stasi to infiltrate Colonel Oliver North. Arturo infiltrated the Nicaraguan Counterrevolution, which María Elvira now uses to say that the Arturo is a hero and not a communist.

However, as Franklin Sequeira Argeñal’s book indicates, Arturo was never a traitor to Sandinismo, but rather a key piece of Sandinismo to manage policy towards Nicaragua in Washington. All this is corroborated in a tweet from a Nicaraguan Citizen, who denies that Arturo Cruz was ever a member of the Contras.

According to an article published on “Secrets of Cuba” and other sources we have found, Arturo Cruz Sequeira was trained in Cuba by Manuel Piñeiro Losada, better known as “Barba Roja” (Red Beard). Red Beard, name Arturo to be “one of the brightest promises of the Nicaraguan revolution.” Later he infiltrates the Contra-Revolution, and when Ortega got into power, he was named the U.S. Ambassador in Washington, seemly for his, and his father’s services to the Sandinista revolution.

Members of the Nicaraguan community suspect that Cruz was even infiltrated as deep as within the closest circle of the Coronel Oliver North while at the same time he was working for the Cuban intelligence. Nevertheless, a more interesting detail about Maria Elvira and Cruz-Sequeira is that even when Maria says to be a fervent anti-communist, she married him knowing that he was a member of Daniel Ortega’s inner circle. Like the saying goes, “elephants don’t mary giraffes.”

Arturo Cruz Sequeira in the middle with Humberto Ortega, Daniel Ortega’s Brother and Communist Nicaraguan General, to his right and a group of members of the FSLN.

Who was Red Beard?

Who was Red Beard? Well, according to the Diario de Las Americas Reporter, Juan Almeida:

“For a long time [Red Beard) coordinated secret operations and subversive activities essentially aimed at promoting the armed struggle in the American continent and inflaming a tireless campaign against the United States. Under his strict tutelage, criminals were trained in Cuba, among which the Venezuelan Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, better known as Carlos, the Jackal, stands out.”

Apparently, although not with the same careful planning, the story of Ana Belén Montes and James Bonds does not compare, at all, with that of Congresswoman María Elvira Salazar. The truth is that if she were declared a Castro agent, she would be the highest American official ever discovered working for a foreign power.

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