RINO Salazar Advocated For The Five Cuban Spies To Have A Giant Billboard In The Heart Of The Cuban Exiled Community.

Little can be expected from a person who has no honesty, dignity, and much less loyalty to a political ideology. Maria Elvira Salazar, traveled to Cuba more than fifty-nine (59) times for unknown personal reasons, she was married to Arturo Cruz Sequeira, a former diplomat of the Sandinista dictatorship, have very close ties with leaders of the Castro Communist dictatorship, and advocated for the right of a few “pro-Castro” individuals to have a giant billboard calling to free the five (5) Cuban spies members of the wasp network. She never cared about the nature and offensive connotation of such an act, but she was more interested in defending the rights of those spies.

Incomprehensible to many, the also admirer of Ernesto Che Guevara, says in her instagram account: “There are certain movies that I never want to see. And one is this film Red Avispa, created to “glorify” the five spies of the Cuban regime. It is pure pro-Castro poisonous propaganda and discredits the Cuban exile.” Of course, this sudden interest in defending Cuban exiles would had not exist if there were not a political interest behind it.

As seen in the above video, Salazar was always a supporter of pro-Castro individuals, and a defender of the rights of Cuban spies to have an offensive propaganda billboard in the heart of the exiled Cuban community. These are the miracles that political interest achieve on communists who want to infiltrate the heart of our political system.

Offensive Billboard place, by Fidel Castro sympathizer and friend of RINO Salazar, in the heart of the Cuban exile community. Image found at https://www.cubaheadlines.com/

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