In Recent Interview, Maria El RINO Salazar Leaves no Doubt About Her Position in Favor of Open Borders, Gun Confiscation/Control, and a Socialism.

Maria Elvira Salazar has made clear her interest in banning guns, keeping open borders, leading our country into a world war, and in the process, she has voted for legislation that allows weapons to be confiscated without proper legal process (HR8).

Maria Elvira would never admit her mistakes because they are not mistakes. In my opinion, her actions are premeditated with the goal of harming our great nation. It seems that Salazar has been trained to deny everything. Carson Tucker challenged her with the truth, and she still denied what her own actions say about her. See the video above.

In an interview with Fox News host, Tucker Carson, María Elvira shows her lack of interest in resolving the border crisis and sending troops to the southern border to secure our borders. However, she sides with Democrats to send our children to the Ukraine war and to send billions of dollars to secure Ukraine’s borders knowing that our country needs that money to confront the worse economic crisis in modern American history. She leaves clear in this video, that she doesn’t care for a minute about putting us in a nuclear war, which could end the existence of our world as we know it (see above).

Salazar would never admit anything. She presents those personality traits of a dishonest person who lies her way through to accomplish her own personal interest without any regards for the best interest of America. We cannot trust pathological liars and socialists who only care about their globalist agenda.

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